The Strategic Management and Reorganization of Human Resource Management in Crisis Process

Autor :Harun Demirkaya, Alim Aydın
Herkunft :Sondersammelgebiet Vorderer Orient einschl. Nordafrika
Datum :01.01.2004
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Typ :Forschungsarbeit
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Kurzfassung :Crisis that threaten the existence of organizations, also it creates unexpected opportunities at the same time. An effective crisis management can convert that opportunities to success stories. Success is usually depends on the adaptation ability of human resources to changeable conditions and happenings. This adaptation means the reorganization and institutionalization of human resources.

Today, human resource management is under pressure, because of the searches of effectiveness and productivity. As a result of these searches, increasingly more applications of downsizing and outsourcing are being carried on. And also, the benefits of the human resources for an organization are interrogated more. This benefits are expected to be measurable and expressed with concrete outputs. The search of a reply to this expectation, can be evaluated as a reorganization opportunity for human resources, particularly after the crisis process.

The aim of this study is to research the need of reorganization and institutionalization of human resources, which is revealed by the crisis, and also to put forward theoretically how human resources will be reorganized by using the benefits of the revealed opportunities of the crisis.
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