Bildung und Erinnerung : bildungstheoretische Betrachtungen im Spannungsfeld zwischen biographischer und kultureller Erinnerung am Beispiel von Angehörigen der Opfer der SED-Diktatur

Autor :Kerstin Dietzel
Herkunft :OvGU Magdeburg, Fakultät für Geistes- Sozial- und Erziehungswissenschaften
Datum :07.07.2010
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Kurzfassung :Education and memory are present in all areas of life and research. They are embedded into both individual and societal processing of experiences that traditionally reflect the relations to past, present, and future. Memory is essential in the process of learning and gains influence in the pedagogy under the aspect of biographical research. The study looks at different forms of individual and collective human processing of experiences when acting in spatial and time reference as well as it investigates the aspects of education and memory and their conditions. The study uses theoretical concepts of Marotzki (educational-theoretical concept of biography), Aleida and Jan Assmann (cultural-theoretical perspective on memory) and Ricoeur (historical-biographical representations of the past) to analyze the studied areas of conflict. The study used the autobiographical-narrative technique to empirically interview relatives of the victims of the SED-regime, who were arrested or killed. The results show different patterns of experience processing, which can be characterized as the historical observer, the moral witness, the individual orientation into the past, and the individual orientation into the future. All patterns follow certain types of relations between the learning and memory that reflect the relative’s own experience. The investigation revealed that learning and memory are embedded into historically inherited concepts of time and space that either hinder or promote the processes of learning and memory. The process of learning in general takes place when the projection of a subject into the future succeeds from a biographical point of view. Education and memory interact under different conditions and relations. It can be stated that the process of learning without memory is impossible and thus, with the respect to the manifold biographical concepts of research in pedagogy and other areas of research, they cannot be described.
Schlagwörter :Memory, education / learning, educational theory, biography research, biography, victims of the SED-regime, family research, pat
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