Proactive ontology-based content provision in the context of e-Learning

Autor :Steffen Mencke
Herkunft :OvGU Magdeburg, Fakultät für Informatik
Datum :16.12.2008
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Typ :Dissertation
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Kurzfassung :The provision of multi-type content was always a primary task of computer-supported information systems. In the days of the overwhelming data and information burst of the 21st century, new and innovative handling approaches are necessary. With every single day, the importance of the statement of John Naisbitt increases, who once said that the human mankind is drowning in information, but starving for knowledge. Because of this, mechanisms are necessary to adequately present content. Therefore, this dissertation focusses on solutions that base on technologies of the Semantic Web and are targeting a proactive, holistic quality-driven content provision.
For this goal it was necessary to define the process-oriented frame of this approach and to adequately model the subprocess of proactive content provision by taking into consideration the intended semantic and quality-related orientation. By this, it was possible to preserve the relationship of the specific solutions. To show the practical relevance, a primary focus was laid on the provision learning content within the domain of e-Learning.
For the first preparation step, presented solutions are related to the analysis of relevant processes and process description approaches. This was the basis for the derivation of ontology-based descriptions of didactical expertise and e-Learning process models. Additional topic where the individualization based on user models for the lifelong learning as well as the proactive preparation of content for further processing.
The second main phase was about the ontology-based provision of individualized content being enriched with additional information. The proactive presentation by graphical user interfaces was enhanced by agent technology concepts. Therefore, a common methodology as well as example scenarios have been developed.
This work is completed by the presentation of manifold application examples of the developed solutions as well as conceptional proactive systems. The present dissertation is an important contribution within the area of tension of the proactive ontology-based respectively throughout quality-oriented provision of content. Especially for the domain of e-Learning methodologies, application scenarios, architectures and prototypical implementations were developed to implement and improve chosen aspects of the presented, innovative and quality-oriented QuaD2-Framework.
Schlagwörter :content provision, ontology, e-Learning
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