Time- and frequency-domain modeling of passive interconncection structured in field and circuit analysis

Autor :Sergey Kochetov
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Datum :03.09.2008
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Kurzfassung :The present-day electronic technologies require transmission of high-frequency signals via the different types of passive interconnection structures. Since the rise and fall times of signal waveforms may amount to tens of picoseconds, the parasitic effects of the passive interconnections may cause a number of phenomena, which are significant for both the development of electrical equipment and EMC analysis. Hence, the accurate electromagnetic modeling of passive interconnections is an important issue in the modern computational electromagnetics, which is thorough and pedagogically investigated in this monograph. The advanced approaches considered are consequently derived from the basic equations of the electromagnetic theory, which are briefly summarized at the begin of the monograph. The comparative study of the most wide-spread numerical techniques applied in the practice follows the theoretical fundamentals. The monograph gives a detailed survey of the transmission-line theory based methods, integral-equation techniques, differential methods, and reduction-order approaches, moreover, it develops a number of novel methods. In particular, one may select the following most important issues presented in this monograph:

° the generalized formulation of the Partial Element Equivalent Circuit(PEEC) method based on the mixed-potential integral equation (MPIE) with a dyadic Green's function for the vector magnetic and a scalar Green's function for the scalar electric potentials,
° the formulation of the PEEC method based on the MPIE with the dyadic Green's functions for the plane-stratified medium, which is applied to modeling multilayer PCB boards,
° the full-spectrum convolution macromodeling technique,
° the stable modification of the free-space PEEC method.
Schlagwörter :PEEC, computational electromagnetics
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