Alan Gelb

Geschlecht :männlich
Institution :Sonstige
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Beruf :Ökonom (Tätigkeit)
Nationalität :andere
Anmerkungen :Webinfo : Gelb Alan, World Bank Director, Development Policy, Development Economics Vice President's Office, The World Bank. Before assuming his current position in July 2004, Alan Gelb was the Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa. Before that, he was staff director of the 1996 World Development Report, From Plan to Market, and chief of the transition division in the Bank’s policy research department. He is a specialist on transition economies, financial systems, macroeconomic management, commodity prices and the economics and political economy of oil-exporting countries. He has published several books and scholarly articles on these and related subjects, and co-authored Can Africa Claim the 21st Century?, an authoritative study on African development. (Quelle: Worldbank)
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